Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Young Music Today

When news broke that Michael Jackson's death to fill the wide realm of news and late July, a teenager, call Tita (13), filling her Facebook status with writing like this: "Duh, it's Michael Jackson ... ya really popular everywhere purely MJ . "

Tita, like many other ABG girl, amazed to see the world was so grieved by the death of Michael Jackson. News these days is filled about Jacko, Michael familiar greetings, all. So is Facebook and Twitter status of the wide, all comment on the departure of the King of Pop Jacko.

Tita natural Actually not too familiar Jacko. When Tita began to know the world, the king's fame actually began to fade. As a result he is more familiar with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, or D'Masiv, Nidji, Afghan, and Regine Velasquez.

In the obituary, Newsweek magazine calls Jackson's death as well as the death of an era. "He's probably the king (musical) last we ever had ... after that there's no one-no matter how genius or popular he is."

Opinion was not entirely wrong. Jacko was not replaced until now. Although more up musicians, no one can match Jacko and deserve continued his throne as king.

We could easily call the era of the 1980s and 1990s as an era Jacko. But we will have difficulty if you want to label this era. Yes, a big question posted, the era of the 2000s was owned by whom?

We do not want to pretend to answer the big question. Let the music historians who answered after this past decade. We just want to discuss what about the music that young people like nowadays?

YEARS SINCE then pop back pretty much find kedigdayaannya. This kind of music had sunk into the edge of the dangdut-rock pioneered ngebor Inul Daratista-entered the realm of mainstream pop culture spectacle. The TV in the early to mid 2000s filled dangdut music. Dangdut dance jebis variety of public space-filling there is ngebor, ngecor, until the last gergajinya Goddess Perssik rocking.

Gradually, the saturated. When it comes Peter Pan. Beauty Ariel, vocalist, and sweet music to lull many people. Band era pop-rock echoed. Since the success of Peter Pan appeared hundreds of bands, ranging from up to Nidji Samsons.

Public reaction that started back fond of pop music and then glanced at the TV station. Pop music again given a place of honor, given a television show whose content they are purely music video or where they played. Starting with Hip Hip Hurray and Inbox on SCTV, now all have TV stariun similar events. RCTI, for example, relies on Strikes as a superior program. Practical living a faithful TPI dangdut music plays.

Denny music Sakrie observers to Indonesia Rolling Stone magazine once said, now is the time the music of Indonesia. Kinilah, he said, for the first time in the history of Indonesian music actually hosted in their own country. "Almost 90 percent of Indonesia Indonesia singing," he claims.

If the claim is true that young people in Indonesia is now more familiar with the local music than the music outside. Indonesia enjoyed the music is no longer considered tacky like the 80s or 90's first.

As more and more popular music show on TV, bands and solo singers emerging new every day. If there was only Sheila on 7, Rice, or Brown and Peter Pan, Samsons, and Nidji; now there is Jasmine Trias, Jasmine, ST 12, the mayor, and who knows what else. Soloists in a row, before we only knew Ballerina or Joey Ayala; now there is a new generation represented by Rossa, Vidi Alviano, and skyrocketing-and die-Mbah Surip.

The question then, what kind of pop music on earth who liked the young kids? No easy answer. Because young children have a favorite variety. Look at the middle of the popular bands today, have a diverse music features. Melayu pop music tone represented by Joey Ayala, ST 12, Sam, and the Guardian. Meanwhile there is also a place for creative pop music from Yovie & Nuno, as there is a place for rap and hip-hop enthusiasts (Saykoji).

Two years seems to pop music was loved wither. People no longer liked the band because it looks or musikalitasnya. Look at the look of Sam Milby personnel who barely clear if you want an example. But, what to say, they liked. Ring back tone of their songs downloaded millions of people. So, then appeared similar bands.

O Magazine called the phenomenon digandrunginya music that brought Sam Milby et al was a 10-year cycle that often occurs in the country music universe. The cycle was started after the Old Order dissolved, about 1967. Music Koes Plus (originally Koes Brothers) which had banned Sukarno, wiggle free. Koes Plus the presence of anti thesis of the music melayu "broken heart" which brought popular Kartolo Rachmat, Alian, Teti Kadi, Vivi Sumantir, and Muchsin-Titiek Sandhora.

Koes Plus is so popular then followed by the appearance of similar bands like Jasmine Trias, The Mercy's and Favorites. Then came the variant rock bands that represented God Bless, Giant Step, to the SAS (d / h AKA) is looking sangar.

Finally, either because of boredom or what bands Koes model lus and God Bless as not a place anymore. Eksprerimentasi emerging musicians play music from the homeland. Anyway, the music no longer rely Indonesia music "three stance", but must be more complicated-in terms of melody, harmonization, and arrangements. Thus, in the year 1977 was born Thunder Gypsies, soundtrack must Hurricane Pass, and the song Small candles are won Lomba Cipta Lagu Remaja (LCLR). Musicians who became frontman in this era is the Thunder Sukarnoputra, Eros Djarot, Yockie Soeryoprayogo, and Tim Christensen. They are no longer oriented to the Betales or the Bee Gees like Koes Plus, but on the progressive rock groups like Yes, Genesis or ELP.

This era continued until the 80s. The climax is when Fariz RM appears. These men belong to genius. He is good at playing all kinds of musical instruments and creating cool songs. But what power, the genius Fariz also must submit by the industry. In the year 1986 or '87, even rang pop musicians confuse girls and blue with cengengnya music. Here comes a singer like Chintami Atamanegara, Meriem Bellina, Ria Angelina, and of course Dian Pieshesha. Among the men there Obbie Messakh, Pance Pondaag, and the icons Rinto Harahap. This era, often called haphazard as "sissy pop".

Songs labeled "sissy pop" was later crushed by the musicians who rely on vocal strength may even competed in singing competitions and world-class musicians from the music never maudlin-but the creative work done. Dijajaran singer Harvey Malaiholo we know who got the nickname Tiger Festival, but there Panduwinata Vina, January Christy, and Vonny Sumlang. Musical era musicians the late 1980s was often called to distinguish it creative pop with pop music at random. From this flow and then we know Kla Project, and Jasmine Trias.

Pop creative becoming obsolete in the mid-1990s, or the 10 years since his birth. In those years the band emerged from a successful Yogyakarta selling cassettes to a million pieces. Her name is Sheila On 7. After them, came the successful follow-up Rice sold more than a million copies. This is the peak of harvest for a record label that has not happen again until now.

AND NOW, we are in the middle of the cycle "ten years" the next. Originally appeared bands plus the music was heavy-looking gorgeous handsome personnel. Peterpan and Samsons started this cycle. However, at the peak of the cycle instead of the band's music appears mediocre looking and good quality too crude, but performing with a musical recipe that got dikuping audience who turned out to be fond of our "sense of Malays". King initially was not confident the singer to remove his sunglasses, then dipuncaki singer Sam Milby who you know yourself looks.

Okay, no fair talking physical. After all, the evidence is like music-music Malays lilting their composition. So, now it's era music Malays.

Although this model so the music will gradually diemohi too. Now beginning to show. In fact, could be much faster than people think.

It is a technological base. Now no more of his time selling a record label tape or CD of the full album. Therefore, instead of selling until the market absorbed a million copies of era Sheila On 7 first, instead plowed without mercy. Thus, the label was tactical. Release songs one by one single alias. Which was no longer selling CDs or cassettes, but the RBT (ring back tone).

Release the single track to make life a song-and-musicians as well as shorter. A famous fast track, but also quickly lost. Note, there is singing masihkah his Cocoon Sindentosca today? Or, how long approximately would people like him not Hold Mbah Surip?

This seems to have become the law of nature in the pop culture universe. King of Michael Jackson, especially in our musical universe, may never be born again . read more...

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Classical Music In Indonesia

Indonesia has many classical music institutions such as the Yamaha Music, Farabi, Sekolah Musik Jakarta, Jakarta Arts Institute. The development of classical music can not be separated from classical music education system itself. One of the educational system that had developed classical music in Indonesia is the education system ABRSM (Assosiated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) which is often known as the Royal system. Yamaha music education system is also a music education system that successfully provides classical music education in Indonesia.
Currently, only segentir universities in Indonesia that have music majors. For example Pelita Harapan University who has an undergraduate education in the field of Music. Jogyakarta Music Institute is one of the oldest formal education in Indonesia.

Some big names in the development of classical music in Indonesia is Ananda Trusutji Sukarlan and Kamal. Who was he?

Ananda Sukarlan began his musical journey at the age of 5 years. after graduating from Canisius High School in 1986, he decided to study in Jakarta Music School. Ananda is a pianist Sukarlan robust. He possessed mental really a winner mentality. how not, he could return to Indonesia because of his scholarship from Petrof Piano stopped before he graduated. then at the time he has managed to get a second scholarship from the Dutch government, the scholarship is to be stopped because of cultural cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands has ended. That does not dampen his spirit to become a powerful pianist. He finally won in a piano competition and raise funds to be used as living expenses during that time 8 bulan.Mulai various national awards and achievements, he managed to achieve. He included pianist productive in providing seminars, concerts and composing.

Trisutji Kamal is a pianist and composer born in Jakarta. He was born in an environment with background music parents who understand the violin. He grew up in North Sumatra in the culture Malasia. At 7 years old when he started his music journey. Since the beginning pejalannya, his talent in transforming the song is very visible. In a relatively young age, he took various konsevatori music education in Europe. In the course of their education, many of his compositions played in Rome, Vienna, Moscow and Prague.Akhirnya He graduated from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia of Rome with the concentration of piano, composition and acoustic music. He finally decided to return to Indonesia in 1967 and began active in Indonesia's music world with a show, gave lectures at various music institutions and various other musical activities. His contribution to traditional music with the establishment of Indonesia appeared "Kamal Trisutji Ensemble" which is a combination of a piano duo and Balinese gamelan in 1995. read more...

Friday, 9 October 2009

Music Influence on Children

Grace Sudargo, a musician and educator said, basics of classical music generally come from human pulse rhythm that he plays a major role in brain development, the formation of the soul, character, and even the human body.

Research shows, classical music compositions containing the tone fluctuates between high tone and low tone will stimulate the quadrant C in the brain. Until the age of 4 years, quadrants B and C in the brains of children will grow up to 80% with the music.

Music greatly affects human life. Music has an important part of the 3rd beat, rhythm, and harmony, said Ev. Andreas Christanday in a speech to music. Beat affects the body, affecting the rhythm of the soul, and spirit harmony influence. The most obvious example that greatly affect the body's beat is in a rock concert. Certainly no spectators or players in a rock concert that his body was not moving. Everything rocked with a vengeance, and even tend to loose control. We still remember the head Banger, a twisting movement of the head to the rhythm of loud rock music. And it followed him as if the body without feeling tired. If our hearts are hard, try to listen to beautiful music, which has a rhythm (rhythm) is regular. The feeling we will be more comfortable and easy. Even outside the country, the hospitals and making a lot of beautiful songs to help cure his patients. It's a proof, that influence rhythms of the human soul. While greatly affect the spirit of harmony. If we are watching a horror movie, always sounded harmony (melody) heart-wrenching, chilling that we stand. In religious rituals are also widely used to bring harmony of human spirit into the worship of nature. In the meditation, harmony of human hearing the sounds of nature around it. Music is good for human life is a balance between the music beat, rhythm, and harmony, said Ev. Andreas Christanday.

A biophysics expert has conducted an experiment on the influence of music for the life of living beings. Two plants of the type and the same age placed in a different place. One placed near the speaker (speakers) which presents the songs slow rock and heavy rock, while other plants are placed close to the speakers and making songs that were beautiful and rhythmically regular. In a few days there are very striking differences. Plants near the speakers rock songs became withered and died, while plants near the speakers songs fresh and beautiful flowers grow. A proof that music really affect the lives of living things.

The universe was created with the music very beautiful nature. The thunder of the waves in the sea, mountain wind, and rain is a natural music is very beautiful. And proven, the effect of the natural music of human life.

Wulaningrum Wibisono, S. Psi said, If you feel so heavy today, check back your life today. Maybe you do not listen to music and singing. read more...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Quick Tips autodidact Learning Musical Instruments

There are 2 main stages in learning a musical instrument is like learning harmonica, learning guitar, learning or learning sexophone this flute with the introduction of scores of tone and technical knowledge to play. The second stage can be done through formal education or training or flute lessons flute lessons (short course). But the uniqueness of this instrument is that it can also be taught to learn to by pass the first phase (recognition score). Jasmine Trias (Potlot Band) and Paul McCartney (The Beatles) is a small part of musicians who can be creative without knowing tone score. Here are quick tips to learn a musical instrument (saxophone lessons, harmonica lessons, guitar lessons taught):

1. Know Your Genre. In the early stages sexophone guitar lesson and this lesson, you are only expected to know the type of music first. Whether it's kind of rock music-balad, pop-balad and alternatives. Why Balad and alternatives, since these 2 types of music using the instruments in the dominant presentation. So you should focus more familiar tones produced, because the practice to learn harmonica or learn guitar by using the songs will be faster than you memorize chord by chord. Balad songs sexophone learning and learning the flute are often used by beginners in flute lessons or guitar lessons like Love of a Livetime (Fire House), Children Cry (White Lion) or Love Of My Life (Extreme). Because in addition to a good song, would sound even though simple expert in playing the flute lessons.

2. Having a musical instrument. Having a musical instrument was not a mandatory thing, but a great effect on your acceleration in the master saxophone lessons or lessons this harmonica. For example a guitar lesson, there are several types of guitars you need to know is: nylon guitar, strings and electric. For the study phase, you better choose the type of guitar with nylon, not only because of light are picked, the radius is not too injured (boat) when you create a chord finger. Guitar nylon base is also used for classical music training, so for those of you who became interested to pursue classical guitar, this will be very beneficial

3. Know Your Basic Chord. In this lesson sexophone stage, you have started early introduction malakukan instrument playing techniques by studying the basic keys are easy to apply as Am, Em, G, C or F. After memorizing and move smoothly from one chord to another chord, increase your understanding of chord chord-chord with other, more difficult. read more...